Two ideas in the Dutch

Lately I’ve been having a lot of success with the dutch. There are a couple of attacking themes which black can use to drum up quick king-side play. In this first game I employ the attacking idea, Kg8-h8, Rf8-g8, and g7-g5. Stepping the king over, placing the rook on the g-file, and pushing the king-side pawns has proved to be a good practical attacking theme for me, though it requires black to have a stomach for risk. Here, it was my only chance for survival, since white is on the brink of breaking through on the queen-side, my only hope was to make the king-side attack happen…and I was lucky to find a nice Rook sacrifice.

In this second game, which is a dutch classical i played in a blitz game, I employ another attacking theme in the dutch which works very well in blitz: Qd8-e8-h4, then Bh3, and rolling the pawns forward. Here, because white never contested black’s center, the plan seems to work flawlessly. Naturally, if white had played a pawn break in the center sooner this attack would not have unrolled so simply, and of course there was a blunder or two to grease the combinative wheels, but I think the general attacking theme is nonetheless a valuable one to have in your back pocket if you’re a dutch player.