Backroom Blitz Battle

I always wonder if the top players spend time with one another behind the scenes, fight out their public grudges in private battles. Naturally, chess players are addicted to playing blitz, and if you’re one of the best players in the world, wouldn’t you want to blitz the night away with other top players? I was psyched to find this article about one such bout between carlsen and naka following the Tal Memorial. Arranged informally at the last second, the match went on till 4 a.m., with 40 games played. Hilariously, neither of the players nor anyone present had a board or a clock. After scrambling around and eventually purchasing one from a chess shop in moscow, magnus and naka battled it out. The final tally isn’t revealed, but from the tone of the article I suspect magnus came out on top. The players signed the board afterwords and it will be auctioned off for charity along with the score of the match. Supposedly, one of the players asked that the result be kept a secret. Perhaps someone who was present will secretly post the result on wikileaks for the rest of the world to see. Information wants to be free!