Beating the Marshall in Blitz

I have a secret to confess. When I face the Marshall in a blitz game my strategy is to weather the storm and win on time. It may sound like a cowardly strategy, but it can be very effective. If you think about it for a moment, in the Marshall, black builds a massive attack at the expense of a pawn and will wind up draining tons of time racking his brain for that elegant “coup de grace” continuation. Meanwhile, if white makes strong defensive and simplifying moves very quickly, then black will soon be faced with the ultimatum of either delivering mate somehow or losing on time. Naturally, as your time advantage grows the merits of your position matter less and less. I offer the following blitz game as an example of this strategy in action:

Ok, so perhaps this is not the most accurate game ever played since there are plenty of blunders by both sides, but I think it nicely illustrates my approach to beating the Marshall in blitz. Allow black to make it complicated and waste time searching for that forced mate in 9 while making solid defensive moves and waiting for the flag to fall. The Marshall may be a notorious drawing weapon in classical chess, but in blitz achieving a drawn position is irrelevant if it comes at the expense of a massive time disadvantage.