Can Danailov save the day?

In an interview with Chessdom concerning his recent election, moving offices to belgrade, and ongoings with FIDE, Silvio has some interesting things to say on the topic of Magnus Carlsen’s recent withdrawal from the WCC cycle. Can he save the day and bring Carlsen back?

Q: What is your comment about Carlsen’s withdraw from the WCC cycle? FIDE already announced that Grischuk will replace him.

A: It’s a pity of course, personally I was very surprised by this announcement. However, according to my knowledge, nobody can replace Magnus by regulations. Article 3. 3. 3 says that “Any player who withdraws after the 15th of May 2010 shall not be replaced and his opponent in the first round is declared as winner.” This means that according to the regulations Radjabov has to move directly to the second round. But maybe I am missing something, FIDE should know better.

Of course, there are always possibilities to find a solution. The WCC cycle needs Carlsen and vice versa, this is clear to everybody. Right now I am preparing a proposal to the next FIDE Presidential Board, which in my opinion is the perfect solution to the problem. So, I am very hopeful that Magnus will play finally and everybody will be happy.

Q: Can you tell us details about this proposal?

A: It’s too early, be patient. You will find out everything during the next FIDE PB.