Coffee Shop Chess

This Afternoon I headed over to Varieties to have a top notch triple ristretto on their Marzocco machine, and had the pleasure of getting a few games in with Cameron and Rob who are usually holding down the fort on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by Driggs avenue and Russel, they play till 4 p.m. This afternoon I played a number of games, and lost a couple which stung badly. Below, check out the games and photos of the spot.

Losing this game was painful. After missing a few chances to turn the screws I was happy to win a piece after a simple oversight, and set up a nice barrage of mate threats that allowed me to sacrifice my queen. However, my wily opponent refused the gift, and instead fought on in what was an incredible example of “infinite resistance,” and when his chance came he pounced hard and managed to win. Ouch…it still hurts to look at.

In this game, we played a French Advance, and I was lucky to squeeze my opponent till he cracked.

Here is Rob, a regular character in the varieties chess club story, contemplating the position on the board.

Master of Ceremonies Cameron both runs the cafe and manages to fit in several chess games between customers. If you swing by on a tuesday or wednesday before 4 he’s usually looking for a game.