Coffee Shop Edition

As you guys know, I like to swing by Varieties coffee shop on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to get a few games in with Cameron. It’s on Driggs Avenue near Russel and we usually play till 4ish, If you’re ever in Greenpoint stop by for a game. I usually have a clock and sometimes some strong players show up as well. To be honest though, the real attraction is the phenomenal triple ristretto espresso they pull from an old school La Marzocco machine (espresso equivalent of a Ferrari.) It rivals Grumpy’s or El Beit’s as the best in the city.

In any case, this afternoon there were a handful of games, and unfortunately I didn’t transcribe the one which I lost, so you will have to settle for checking out this one which I managed to win after a serious blunder. I like this game fragment because it features a thematic hypermodern idea that I like to call the double battery. The game begins as an Alekhine’s defense, however, after white plays c4, it takes on the flavor of a symmetrical English. Keeping in mind that white’s pawn break in that opening is d4, I maneuver my knights to c6 and e6 in order to firmly clamp down and eventually occupy that square. This outpost gave me enough control of the center that I was able to achieve my beloved little pattern- the double battery- which exerts enormous force over the board.