Ian Nepomniachtchi wins Russian title by drawing an Armageddon game, in bishop vs rook endgame

Today Ian Nepomniachtchi (2722), a 20 year old GM from Bryansk Russia, won the Russian Championship in a high pressure Sicilian Najdorf against Sergei Karjakin (2760) with Amageddon rules (6 minutes for White vs 5 for Black who had draw odds).  Karjakin missed the game winning move 18. Rg1 and ended up going into a drawing endgame up the exchange.  As soon as the pawns were off the board, Nepomniachtchi displaying perfect endgame technique constructed a fortress by marching his king to h1 (light square) and used his dark square bishop to defend against mate.  With only 25 seconds left on the clock, the gentleman shook hands and Russia’s next champion was crowned.  Video and pgn after the jump.