Interesting Idea in the Reti: Double Battery

Richard Reti’s eponymous hyper-modern opening is a solid choice for the positional player, especially when paired with it’s over lapping cousins the nimzo-larsen attack and the english. In this post, I’m going to show you a concept that I have been able to successfully implement many times, even in blitz games, with very positive results. The idea is to set up a powerful double battery. If the concept of hyper-modernism is to control the center with pieces rather than occupy it, than this positional concept is as hyper-modern as it gets.

The theme of putting the queen behind the bishop is a very useful one to have in mind in such positions. I have even seen a few games where Reti played h3, tucked his king on h2, and then lifted the rooks to c3 and c2 respectively, such that the queen could slide back and forth along the back rank creating batteries with both bishops as required by the position. The elegance of such a long term positional plan is enchanting when you succeed in reaching it over the board. The position may be equal, but with so much pressure, you offer black the possibility of making many incorrect moves. The practical chances that flow from this position are obvious, and I have won many games with a quick tactical flourish after a misstep by black. Give it a shot in your games and leave us a comment.