London Classic News

Today at the London Classic, there was some interesting chess to say the least. I highly recommend following the games live and watching the fantastic video commentary and post-mortems here. Mcshane won again, this time winning with black in a Sicilian dragon against Nigel Short. The video commentary featured these two witty Brits going over their tactical melee, with mate threats and traps at every turn. Incredibly, Mcshane came out of the complications clearly better. Magnus bounced back today with a win in the English against Adams, while Howell found a nice fortress with the move 43.Rf4, and managed to hold Anand to a draw.

The story of the day though was Nakamura’s victory over Kramnik. Winning a piece on move 12! Kramnik did not get nearly enough compensation for the lost material, leaving us to wonder what went wrong? Unfortunately, these two have not shown up at the podium to give a live post-mortem analysis of the game. I’m so curious to know if this was simply an example of bad preparation, or did kramnik make an over the board blunder that Nakamura pounced on. I would also like to hear this story told from Nakamura’s side. Did he feel nervous taking a piece so early against Kramnik, with the black pieces? When a pgn file of the games is made available I will post them here, until then you can find them on chessbomb.

Update: Below are the games from the second round of the London Chess Classic.