Mcshane’s Sparkling Win in London

The second annual London Chess Classic started today. The event is becoming one of my favorites, because of the top talent that shows up as well as the great coverage available in English. The fact that it’s held in a major western city also gives me hope that perhaps a similar event in NYC could become a possibility in the near future. Imagine: the “New York Times Classic,” or the”Goldman Sachs Masters.” There are certainly plenty of major corporate sponsors who would be willing and able to throw a few million dollars at such an event, if only there were some power broker in the chess world who could organize it.

In any case, last years London Classic was fantastic and this year promises to be even better. There is great commentary and live video feed here , and supposedly the Full English Breakfast crew will also be podcasting a show from this years event as well. I look forward to hearing their self-deprecating banter and commentary on the games.

In the first round, Short was steamrolled by Kramnik’s massive pawn center. Short tried to avoid theory by playing 1.e4, 2Bc4, and 3.Qe2. His experiment didn’t turn out to well. However, Luke McShane stole the show by beating Magnus Carlsen in an English. The sparkling game is below: