Puff Piece

Most of our readers have probably already seen this interview with Magnus by the British newspaper Telegraph over at chessvibes. If not, don’t bother reading it as there is not a single relevant question. It feels like a puff piece drafted by a publicist, vetted by an attorney, and handed over as a paint by numbers exercise to the journalist who got to “interview” Magnus.

I understand that the theme of the column is “my perfect weekend,” but how could Mr. Davidson interview Magnus and not ask a single question about his withdrawal from the WCC? I expected at least a low-ball such as: “I bet your weekends are much nicer now with the stress of competing in the WCC off your chest.” But no… instead the questions could not be more banal. I imagine Magnus has a publicist who vetted the questions and disallowed the interesting ones, leaving us with “herbal tea or fruit juice?” It’s an odd choice to interview a celebrity immediately after they have disappointed their fans with a questionable career decision, and only ask questions like “do you prefer snow or the beach?”

Who knows though, perhaps I’m too harsh. I am after all just another bitter fan who struggles to sympathize with a 20 year old millionaire celebrity.

Update: Here’s another similar puff piece in the guardian– what’s with the british papers?