Today in Italy, Vallejo-Pons Leads

After Nigel short lost to Caruana in the black side of a French Tarrasch, he slid back to 2nd place in Italy today. Vallejo-Pons stole the show and clear first with a sharp win against David Navara in a Ruy Lopez Exchange. Moro lost again, this time to Gashimov, leaving him in last place with only half a point after round 3, and Ivanchuk played the Dutch again, this time drawing against Onischuk easily after 26 moves.

In the most tactically exciting game of the day, Vallejo-Pons – Navara, it looks as though black could have walked away with a draw after repeating moves at move 16, when white’s queen can only shuttle back and forth. Sensing that his position was superior though, Navara took a risk and played on. Only a few moves later he was up an exchange and seemed to have come out of the opening with an advantage, but Vallejo-pons’ heavy pieces infiltrated and dealt a stylish tactical blow. This is probably the most entertaining game of the tournament so far.