World Blitz Tournament

If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to
why don’t you go where Magnus sits,
Puttin’ on the blitz.

Finally, Nakamura showed up to this tournament. After years of trash talking and claiming he was the best blitz player in the world while dodging this event, now we will see some great head to head blitz. I’m psyched. Check out the video feed here , and follow the moves at Chessbomb.

Naka started out nicely today picking up 7.5 points.

Carlsen and Aronian are tied for first with 9 points each, while Karjakin is in second with 8.

Gelfand upset Kramnik in round 14, winning quickly with black in a Scheveningen Keres Attack, pinning Kramnik’s queen to his king on move 21.!! ouch! It makes me feel better about the terrible blunders i make in blitz to see a former world champion hang a dame like that.

Games start same time as Tal Memorial, 7. a.m. EST, 12 GMT.