Yudasin v. Khalifman, Tilburg 1994, Sicilian Classical Richter Rauzer

In this game, which took place in Tilburg in 1994, we see Khalifman on top of his game with the black pieces. The opening is a Sicilian, Richter Rauzer, where white opens the door for black to come crashing through on the queenside. The game is not short of tactical complications, and the first breakthrough comes with black’s uncompromising 17… c4! The attack that follows on the queenside is typical of opposite side castled positions where one attack coalesces before the other. Here, Khalifman is able to passively leave his queen hang in the breeze while conducting his attack with the spectacular 23…exd5.

Because Yudasin is our home town hero here in Brooklyn, we naturally cannot end the post without showing the game in which he gets his revenge. Yudasin trains students and runs an academy here in Brooklyn, which can be found here and he also recently helped design an awesome iphone application called chess quest, which features 1200 training problems for your chess edification on the go.

In this game, Yudasin employs one of my favorite openings at the moment, the Ruy Lopez Worrall attack.