7 Ways to Smash the Sicilian

Yuri Lapshun and Nick Conticello, two members of the Marshall Chess Club where I work part-time, have assembled an incredibly instructive game collection organized in an interesting way. The table of contents to this book gives you a very accurate idea of what to expect:

Chapter 1 The Knight Sacrifice on d5
Chapter 2 The Knight Sacrifice on e6
Chapter 3 The Bishop Sacrifice on e6
Chapter 4 The Knight Sacrifice on f5
Chapter 5 The Knight Sacrifice on b5
Chapter 6 The Bishop Sacrifice on b5

Naturally, these ideas are not brand new and many of them are even rote theory at this point. However, this book’s contribution isn’t to theory, but to instruction. By assembling all of these games in one place and according to this unique format, Lapshun and Conticello have authored a manual on how to attack the Sicilian with thematic sacrifices. Playing through some of the games, I’m inspired to get on FICS and see what I can do. The book reads like a greatest hits volume of sacrificial attacks on the sicilian that leaves me wondering who would play an opening that begs to be so viciously attacked? 7 Ways to Smash the Sicilian is highly recommended for the e4 player who wants to rip his opponents to shreds in the middle game. It’s hard to select a decent game that would be representative of this volume, so I’ve grabbed these two almost at random.