A Blitz Blow-out in the Chigorin

This evening I attended a fantastic lecture at the Marshall by Asa Hoffman, who reviewed some of his games and gave some interesting ideas in uncommon openings. By the way, next month I plan on having him come out to Spectacle to give a lecture on one of them in detail, and will put up a post with the details of that event when I have them. In any case, while waiting around for the lecture to begin, I met a nice guy who was visiting NY from abroad and claimed to have a very impressive FIDE elo. We played 5 blitz games, I won two and lost three. I won’t brag about exactly how highly rated my opponent was because most of you likely wouldn’t believe it when you see how he played in the following game. I have only recently started playing the Chigorin, but I’m already falling in love with it. The piece activity that is possible makes it an awesome choice for blitz. In this game, my opponent was making moves on auto-pilot, playing what he thought was a safe queen’s pawn setup. There was nothing safe about it. The idea I outlined in an earlier post led to a crushing queen-side attack right out of the gate.