Around the Interwebs

Well there are a few things I thought I would call to everyone’s attention. First of all, the Hebden Bridge Chess Club has hosted the 5th Chess Blog Carnival- so check it out! Submissions for the 6th edition, to be hosted at Robert Pierson’s Chess Blog can be entered here. The deadline is June 2nd so get those articles in!

Elsewhere, the gents at the Full English Breakfast have put out another show, which is entertaining as always. I have to say I can’t wait to hear their take on the candidates matches in the upcoming podcast. One Q I have about the FEB while we’re on the topic, does anyone know why they accept donations or what on earth the donations are going towards? There are thousands of free chess websites on the internet offering fantastic content so I can’t imagine the answer involves “costs.” I’m just curious if there is some legitimate cause they’re supporting or if they’re simply asking for us to make a bank transfer from our account to theirs.

Also, check out this interesting article about a crack-head and chess hustler who haunts Washington Square Park these days. I’ve actually encountered this guy before and can attest to the accuracy of this article, which is worth a read for anyone who still thinks that Washington Square Park has any kind of legitimate chess scene.

Finally, Abby Marshal’s column at chess cafe rocks, and this month she has an awesome article on a simple plan against the French. Check it out. Recently, I saw her beat Justin Sarkar at the Marshall, and ever since have been paying closer attention to her column- keep it up Abby!