Around the Interwebs

While the rest of the bloguniverse is still digesting Dr. Frank Brady’s biography of Bobby Fischer (which will be reviewed by Kasparov in the forthcoming New York Review of Books and just made it on the nytimes bestseller list at number 31.), a similarly well-timed documentary that was featured at Sundance Film Festival is poised for release. This afternoon I had the pleasure of viewing portions of it at the Marshall Chess Club, where one of our members had an advanced copy. I have also emailed the someone who may be able to get me an advanced copy- fingers crossed- but in any case I have word from an inside source that it will likely run for one week at the Film Forum. Naturally, this is something that would be perfect for the Spectacle theater- so hopefully we can drum up a copy.

In other news, the Full English Breakfast is out with another show. I believe they are up to episode 7 by now. It’s a great podcast about chess, and is better than any of the drek shows on ICC- plus it’s free.

Also, for those of you who enjoyed the Blog Carnival, be sure not to miss it next month when Blunderprone will be hosting it here. Be sure to submit the best chess material from your favorite blogs and if you’re interested in hosting don’t hesitate to speak up. It’s a great thing for bringing blogs together and driving traffic to your site. This Carnival has really taken on a life of its own and we’re hoping it grows and grows over time.

Also, for anyone looking to follow some top notch tournaments, be sure to check out Aeroflot and Gibralter, which was convincingly won by chuky. I haven’t given much coverage to either of them because I’ve been terribly busy lately, but I’m hoping to comb through the games and pull out a few interesting ones later this week.