Carlsen Wins Tal Memorial

In the final round Carlsen caught Aronian (who he beat on tie-breaks) with a clean victory over Nakamura that looked effortless. The game Svidler v. Kramnik was extremely sharp and interesting, with Svidler finding a queen sacrifice mate to end the game. In the game, Kramnik clearly took risks to create complications, but wound up on the wrong side of them. For all of those detractors out there who call him Drawnik- you really have to hand it to him here, he took a risk… it may not have turned out well for him, but he went for complications.

Next up on the Calendar for the 2800 club is the London Classic– which is my favorite event of the year. It starts December 3rd and lasts for more than a week, so luckily for me I will have something to do on my birthday while I’m stuck in bed with this cast on. As usually, the lineup will feature some of England’s hometown heros, such as micky adams, nigel short, and luke Mcshane who put up a great performance last year. I’m not sure if they’re doing the 3-1 scoring system this year or not, but for the first two years the London Classic has awarded 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.