Game Submission Contest

I have a brand new, hard bound copy of Frank Brady’s biography of Bobby Fischer, “Endgame” to give away, and I have decided to award it to whomever submits the most creative game to I’m going to cap submissions at 1 week, so you have from now until Saturday Jan. 22nd to submit your game for consideration. Brooklyn 64 will cover the cost of shipping, and we will ship globally, so please do not hesitate to submit your game. The criteria I will judge the games by are as follows:

(1) entertainment value – is your game aesthetically beautiful or does it involve an unusual position? It may contain several blunders and be back and forth, so long as it is interesting.

(2) Instructional value – this is self explanatory, but what would really take the blue ribbon is some kind of attacking scheme or motif that may be replicated in a similar position.

(3) Originality-

Naturally, I will select the best submissions and publish them here with any annotations provided by the player, and depending on the number and quality of submissions, there may be some honorable mention prizes as well.