GM Kekelidze is the winner of the 95th Annual Marshall Chess Club Championship

Tonight the final round of the 95th Annual Marshall Chess Club concluded and we here at Brooklyn64 congratulate GM Kekelidze on becomming the 2011 Marshall Chess Club Champion. Here are complete crosstables for the event. In the final round, the 12 year old Wu needed only to draw to clinch the championship, but lost a tough positional battle to FM Ostrovskiy who managed to succeed with an interesting queenside plan against Wu’s Najdorf. Up until the last round, Wu had been a likely contender for clear first, and so the following game was closely watched by hundreds of spectators on ICC.

Throughout the tournament, Wu dismantled the Sicilian defense with aplomb! In the following two games, we see a consistent formula emerge that involves 0-0, g3, Bg2, f4, g4, Rf3-h3, and Qh5- I call it the Wu attack. Does anyone with chessbase know whether this plan is straight theory from a book or a novel and interesting formula to make masters crumble? In any case, behold the simple and effective attack at work on James A. Black, jr. and FM Pressman.

James A. Black Jr. studies the position in his game against Wu. He managed to gain the upper-hand against the signature Wu attack, but later faltered with several slow moves and found himself under too much king-side pressure.

Here is FM Pressman at work in his game against Wu.

Without question one of the most interesting checkmates I have seen in a long time is captured in this photograph. Here, GM Kekelidze has pinned several of his opponents pieces to his king while delivering mate with a knight! Brilliancy prize material perhaps?