Grand Prix d’Echecs

Late at night, there are a few regular characters who haunt the Marshall Chess Club, (other than Bobby Fishcer’s ghost, which I can sometimes faintly hear cursing Israel over near the water cooler.) Perhaps the most Legendary is William Lombardy, who usually shows up right when I’m closing. Recently, Lombardy stopped by the club and asked for me to make a copy of an article for him- naturally I made a copy for myself as well- and chatted with me about his dislike for Raymond Keene.

In any case, the article was about a contest from Monte Carlo, 1967, in which top GM’s at that time were invited to play by the Prince himself, and more money was made available in prize funds than had ever been up for grabs at an international event at that time before. The article contained an interesting game between Lombardy and Fischer, in which Lombardy had an edge out of the opening, and should have had a draw but for a strategic error in a long positional battle. Of interest to me is how often there are knight retreats on both sides in the following game. I’m a sucker for these long maneuvering battles.