Kramnik Wins London Classic

The most entertaining tournament of the year concluded recently with Kramnik taking clear first. What makes the London Classic so fantastic? For one, the live commentary is superb, complete with a video feed and post-mortem analysis from the players. Without question, the London Classic is the most well organized tournament on the calendar, and the live coverage is simply sans pareil. While the Tal Memorial had a great live video feed and commentary in Russian as well, another benefit of the London Classic is that it is the closest tournament to New York on the major professional circuit, so the time difference isn’t as severe as Khanty-Mansisyk for those of us in nyc who want to watch the games live. In any case, while Kramnik won the tournament, Nakamura took second place and played some fantastic chess as well. Check out his games from the event- he beat Anand with black in a Kings Indian Defense, and Adams with white in a King’s Gambit! Naka wasn’t the only player to uncork a King’s Gambit at this tournament, Nigel Short did as well. In fact he has established a bit of a tradition of playing it at this tournament each year. Check out Naka’s games below.