NYC Hardcore

This is a tatoo my friend Sean has. He doesn’t even know that much theory, he just intensely loves chess for some inexplicable reason. Lately, I’ve been thinking that the number of chess books on my shelf doesn’t necessarily correspond to my strength- that board vision, tactics, and principals trump- and that I should focus more on the building blocks of chess. I have plans to play in some big tournaments this summer, perhaps the world open, and maybe even the “national open” in Vegas, and so I’ve been working really hard on my game to try and level up.

But ultimately, chess isn’t about rating points, tournament wins or elite titles. Chess is about drinking four loko at a pizza parlor with your friends and doing battle for 6 hours straight while some Russian kid kibitzes your games.

It’s no surprise that chess appeals to people in prison. Is there any better way to waste day after day?

Here’s the only game I remember from this afternoon- it’s a QGD chigorin…