Shirov Played the Cambridge Springs Twice in Wijk aan Zee so far, with Abysmal Result

Recently I wrote a post on the Cambridge Springs here, detailing ideas for black in this system as well as some simple traps that are part of its appeal to club players. While I haven’t even started playing the opening myself, something about it is romantic and fascinates me, which is why I was thrilled to see the ruthless attacker shirov use it twice this week in Wijk aan Zee. During both games, I followed them live holding my breath as he pressed on the queenside and seemed to get interesting positions. In both games, the move 11.Bc4 is played by white, which seems to give black some problems in this variation. Interestingly, the moves 11.a3 and 11.Be2 are recommended by Panczy and Ilczuk in their text on the Cambridge Springs, but 11.Bc4 isn’t mentioned, which leads me to believe that its relatively new if not untested. In any case, I thought it was my duty to post these games here. If anyone spots any improvements for black, please leave a comment.