Tal Memorial Snooze Fest

One nice thing about being bed-ridden with a full leg cylinder cast for six weeks is that now I will be able to follow all of the cool chess events going on for the next month or so. Around the time of my birthday the London Chess Classic will kick off, which is one of the best organized events on the calendar and I can’t wait to watch it live with commentary. At the moment though the Tal Memorial is raging on… sort of. The last two rounds have featured draws on all boards, and the comments on chessbomb have been predictably acerbic. Interestingly, today several player’s achieved potentially winning positions, but later slipped back into drawing lines. When top flight tournaments feature so many draws, spectators understandably become disinterested. This phenomenon seems to be more and more common at elite chess events, prompting new rules regulating when players can agree to a draw and forcing players to fight on even in hopelessly drawn positions…(remember that tournament last year where tiviakov repeated moves 27 times?) Perhaps Fischer Random or Seirawan chess is the future of our game. It seems that opening theory is on the verge of suffocating the life out of the game…

In any case. If you’re interested in watching the games live, a live video feed is available here.

Today I watched the game between Aronian and Nakamura most closely.

Here is a picture of my poor leg in a full cast- ugh- shattered my knee in a bike accident and will be bedridden for a while… at least I still have chess.