The Lewis Chessmen Come to New York!

The Cloisters Museum in New York City has recently opened an exhibition of chess artifacts, starring the The Lewis Chessmen. The New York Times has run two articles on the exhibtion, One articleby the Art critic Ken Johnson, and another article by their regular chess columnist, Dylan Loeb McClain.

It’s thought that the pieces were likely made by “Trondheim” craftsmen in 12th century Norway, though they were discovered in Scotland and there is some controversy concerning their rightful ownership.

The pieces themselves are as aesthetically interesting as they are historically significant.
I was planning to ride my bike uptown this week and visit the museum in person in order to bring you all a bunch of iphone photos of them, but unfortunately last week I broke my leg in a bike accident and will be stuck in either bed or the hospital for the next 6 weeks. So, until I recover, I have to settle for this video tour by the NYTimes, which I found on Jim West’s blog.