2 King and Pawn Problems

In this first position, it is black to move and draw. This is a problem that I got from Asa Hoffmann, who begins with this when teaching his students king and pawn endings to determine their strength.

This problem was posed to me by my scholastic chess education compatriot, Sean from success academy. It’s not as simple as it appears at first sight- White to move and win.

Answers after the jump…

problem 1: 1…c5! Only this move draws as any king move allows White to get the opposition.

Problem 2: The first move is not to difficult to find, but there is a deeper idea that makes this problem blogworthy. 1.d4 d6 2.b6 Kc6 3.d5+! this is the key to the problem. After this move, Black is lost as White will breakthrough and queen.