Czech Benoni Brevity

Yesterday I had the pleasure of running one of the tournaments at the Marshall (not the overnight insanity- my word who would do that to themselves?). One of the more interesting games played was the following Czech Benoni. Those of you who know me know that I have a bit of an obsession with this opening, though this brevity is particularly interesting. Black’s king and rooks do not move- instead, a quick attack on the kingside leads to a highly unusual position with black’s knight fianchettoed on white’s g2 square! Naturally, white should have played bishop captures knight when he had the chance- IM Jay Bonin never fails to chop off a knight when it reaches an interesting square, and I’m starting to think the Bone-fish might be on to something with that logic. White actually plays the first few moves rather well, opting for a sophisticated 6.Nge2. However, he would have done better to play g3 and place his light square bishop on g2 to thwart Black’s idea of a quick king side onslaught. In any case, “czech” out this interesting game.