Today was my first day off in a while, so I though I would play a few games on FICS (what else?) I’m a bit rusty- however- this was a fun one that I happened to win. White should have played the simple 23.Qxd6, when he would have had a clear edge. The text move allows black to grab a dangerous initiative as in the game with 23…b4. 26…Rb8 was actually a huge blunder, allowing white out of the noose 27.Qd4- when the position is suddenly dead equal again. 27…g5 was a routine find, shutting the queen out and allowing for a devastating check on the e3. While I missed a few mates, the rest of the game is pretty straightforward.

Cameron also had Juan Sena crushed in a dragondorf recently, though missed the finishing touches. If he emails me the pgn I will add it to this post as well.