“It’s All Down Hill From Here!”

I ride my bright pink fixie over the BillyBurg Bridge about a dozen times a week-it’s a brutal climb and I usually sprint- yesterday I noticed a street artist had thrown up this fantastic sign at the top of the bridge at the exact spot where I usually exhale.

With my live rating at 1709, I am just 291 points shy of reaching 2000! Meanwhile, Boris is lagging in the dust at 1623. I can almost taste the Bruichladdich! I’m hoping to make some strides tomorrow night in the Marshall 4 rated games, as well as the upcoming u1800 on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I just renewed my Brooklyn64 affiliate with the USCF so we can hold rated events on our home turf again- and – Jeff- the proprietor of Whirlybird and buddy of Cameron’s, has invited BK64 to hold tournaments in his cafe. Whirlybird is simply fantastic and I’m already a regular. They serve up legit, single origin ‘spro from a Marzocco together with top shelf tacos – one is even named after our hometown hero Cameron Hull! Anyway, after I take the temperature for interest in this sort of thing, I think we should probably organize some sort of after hours Round Robbin tournament for the BK crowd at this respectable establishment. I will send an email invite out to you guys when I get it set up. Untill then, stop by and check this place out because they do it right! Kelsey (Swoon!!) is usually behind the counter spinning sweet tracks on the turntable while busting out quality cortados and chorizo tacos like a fiend. For those who remember the good old days in Greenpoint, this place is the closest thing to the old school/rough hewn “Eat Recrods” I’ve come across so far. Feast your eyes: