Marshall U2300

I had a chance to play a little this weekend with mixed results- though I gained about 30 rating points and made some progress in my race to 2000. I think I may have also shared a class prize with the talented young Zachary Morris, who managed to win a hard fought bishops of opposite color ending against esteemed board member Paul Rachlin.

In any case, I drew Wesley Hellner 1994 in a boring game that never deviated from equality, lost to amir moazami 1953 (queen hang – ouch!)
and beat David Kantey in the following game.

David employed the King’s Indian Attack against the French defense, an approach that readers of this blog will remember that I myself have advocated in recent memory. After losing from the white side of this opening on Wednesday night, and winning from the black side yesterday, I think it might be time for me to try 3.Nd2 like the rest of the chess fashionistas.

In this game, I managed to win an exchange, however, my opponent’s bishop pair is so strong that the position is still far from easy. In fact, my engine only gives black a slight edge despite being up the exchange.