Post Storm Wrap Up

Sorry for the break in the communique’s- we lost internetterwebs here for the last day or so – but still managed to play some games of course! Actually, yesterday- in the middle of the hurricane- I went out for a walk around mccarren park and stopped by variety- which was open for business- where Cameron poured me a most delicious Cortadito, after which we headed to Matchless (also open!) for happy hour to relax a bit, and finally off to Miller’s Tavern, where we enjoyed a quality meal while Sandy raged outside. We had a dozen oysters (malpeque? or beausoleil maybe…) with some Sancerre- followed by an impressive mix of small dish plates, including grilled octopus in a chimichurri, roasted rabbit with gnocchi and chanterelles, sausage over spaetzle and corn, and an acorn squash served with kale. In any case, Sandy came and went and while flights were cancelled, the subway was wrecked, and nyc was crippled- this little kitty’s reaction more or less sums up the way we here at BK64 felt about the bluster… and cameron managed to win a few games on fics mid storm as well.