Race To 2000! Boris Izrayelit v. Greg Keener

This evening I played in the 4th round of the Marschall Chess Club U2000 tournament and won a game rather easily with the Trompowsky. The Tromp and the Pseudo Tromp have proved pretty faithful weapons for me lately, and I have to say I like the kind of positions that I get in most of my games, as most people do not have very much if anything at all prepared against the Tromp. In this game, my opponent played 2…h6, which is not a great move as it allows me to double his pawns and proceed with a rather simple middle game plan of applying pressure on the light squares with my bishop and queen battery.

With this win, I should have gained a few more crucial rating points in my race to 2000. As I’ve mentioned, Boris Izrayelit and myself have a friendly wager: 12 year old bottle of Balvenie to the first to 2000 Elo.

I had a small edge according to my enging through most of the opening, until the move 22…c5, which was a blunder, when I am able to come crashing through on the queenside by winning the a-pawn. The rest of the game as they say, is a matter of technique.