Skytown Chess Club!

Now that I’m settled in Bushwick with my fellow boriquenos (I will miss you so much Greenpoint!) I’ve been scouting out chess friendly locations. Nestled among the 24 hour check cashing outlets and 99cent depots and not more than a block from my doorstep is this little cafe with everything called Skytown. The tables are big, the crowd is what you’d expect: bespectacled hipsterish types in plaid staring into mac lappys with less than perfect posture.

The menu is a simple ensemble of small plates that don’t seem to have any particular theme other than “new american”: jam and almond butter on rustic looking grainy bread with a handful of mixed greens: $6. Borscht: $6 Various fritattas and egg dishes with seasonal surprises inside- (I imagine the spring will bring pickled ramps and jerusalem roots, though for the time being I look forward to wintry root based soups -celeriac anyone?-)

Anyway- this place feels like what it is: an outpost of hipster culture in the ‘hood; an oasis of health conscious, locally grown goodies surrounded by endless cuchifritos in all directions. The beer selection is sub par and they don’t seem to have much in the way of espressivo, but I’ll take it. For now- this is the new spot.