The Internet Folds Onto Itself

Anyone who knows me knows that I went through a period when I adored Kingscrusher videos. I adopted the French Defense because of him, and played lots of odd sidelines that he recommended. Mostly, I just watched his narrated blitz vids while eating dinner after getting home from work and wondered how he had the energy to not only play so often but to consistently narrate and upload his games as well. I suppose the chess blogosphere is small enough that it was only a matter of time untill he would eventually stumble upon our humble corner of the internetterwebs- though I cringe when I think about the game that he chose to review on his revered youtube channel. It’s a game I lost a few years ago, in my first tournament, against the shock-jock celeb Howard Stern.

The internet is a strange and magical place. I probably played the Bayonnet Attack in this game because I watched Kingscrusher play it (or against it) at some point, and he probably chose to critique this particular game because he likes this variation. This cyber hall of mirrors calls to mind another piece of fan fiction taken up by the author- – anyone familiar with My Little Pony and the Magic of Friendship? If not, watch and you’ll see what I’m referring to my fellow bronies.