The Modern, Modern Defense

I’ve noticed an interesting trend in the playing of the modern defense. IM Jay Bonin has lately been playing a defense with 1…c6 and 2…a6 against nearly everything, hoping to achieve a chebanenko slav or gurgenidze system through a tricky move order. Asa Hoffmann has also been playing a modified modern called the Pribyl that I’ve written about before. With the recent book “Tiger’s Modern” advocating a similar setup, I’ve seen an explosion of popularity in this whole system – both Yefim Treger and Ildar Salakhutidnov have employed it at tournaments recently and I myself am planning on using it once I get a handle on the themes.

The following game illustrates some of the ideas of this system, and Asa Hoffmann will be giving a lecture at the Marshall this month on these ideas as he presents several of his recent victories with black using this system.