The Shame!

I’m not really sure what to say. There are a million excuses for the game I am about to show- I’ve been working like a dog lately- monday through friday at my day job, nights and weekends either doing freelance work for a publishing company or at the marshall…needless to say i haven’t had much time for chess and I am terribly sorry to not have posted more often.

Having said that, my chess confidence seems to be a bit down- friday night i stopped by the marshall chess club and wound up playing in the friday night rapids- a blitz tournament that usually attracts some strong players. On this occasion, there were 6 players, one IM and two FMs. I wont get into details, but the following game is one in which I reached a crushing position against an FM in with 4 minutes left on my clock and then promptly resigned- bleary eyed and expecting to be beaten anyway, it wasn’t that hard to accept that I had hung a piece- except that I hadn’t- and had actually achieved a winning position in a mere 14 moves.

Here is the game:

The format of the tournament was a double round robin- so each player played the other player twice. I was expecting to just lose two quick games and go home- so when I thought for a second that I had hung my knight (having forgotten that I could take the rook if white moved his queen) i was happy to topple my king and start the second game. What a shame- truly- as I could have had a nice scalp and in style. Ugh…

In other news I have a huge chess project that I am working on. As I move further along I will let you guys in on it.