“Rargos” Is A Sore Loser

I have been so buys lately that I haven’t had much time for late night blitz… you know, the kind of games where you play wild openings like the wing gambit against the sicilian and just see what happens. In any case, I decided to indulge in a little blitz this evening, just to see if I could find a nice pattern here or there, and had the most unpleasant experience. After winning a rather nice game in 24 moves, I get this message in the sidebar on FICS:

The following message was received:
rargos at Sat Aug 4, 19:59 PDT 2012: Definitely cheating
I’m analyzing the game now using Fritz
You made EXACTLY the same moves that Fritz would

OK, full disclosure, I do not own a copy of Fritz so I can’t discredit whether Fritz would or wouldn’t have played the same game that I played, but what I can say is that I wasn’t cheating. My god… what kind of weak ego would a person have to have to get off by cheating at online blitz? Further, how much weaker would a person’s ego need to be to accuse their opponent of cheating? I’m pretty sure the phrase “rargos” was looking for here was “nice game.”

In any case, check these two games out and judge for yourself.