Tromp(e l’oeil)owsky Madness!

I’ve become a bit enamored with uncommon d4 openings such as the London, Tromp, Torre and Veresov, so my interest was peaked when someone introduced me to an enterprising gambit in the Trompowsky. Often, white is fretting over his b2 soft spot after the black queen arrives on b6 – the question is whether to defend it or not. I have assembled a few games from chessbase- which you may peruse at your leisure- illustrating some of the ideas behind just letting that puppy fall. The key move here Is 9.Bc7! which threatens to take all of the fair lady’s squares away and thus begins a wild goose chase where the queen is batted around the board like a (insert apt simile here.) For those of you who are curious- this image is from the so-called “Chinese Chalk god,” who was featured on… was it Foreign Policy or Vice?

I found these games entertaining if not instructive- the final game is the line given by houdini after 9.Bc7.