Whirlybird Special

While killing time before heading into the city today I stopped by whirlybird. with Cameron for an espressivo and a Sidral Mundet. Naturally, we decided to have a game that turned out to be rather interesting. It started out as some kind of a king’s indian attack, in which Black emerged with a nice advantage. By move 12 the position is equal, and while white’s knights are nicely placed, I like black’s space advantage. 13.Bh3 was clearly dubious and I should immediately have played 13…b5 to knock the knight away from the strong square c4 and to gain more space. Finally, on move 17 I find the right idea and play b5, putting the knight on the rim. I played 20…Bf6 to drive the knight on h4 away as well, though the much stronger 20…Nf4! was available, when black’s attack is decisive. While white’s kingside assault seems dangerous, the advancing pawns are weak and Black is already better by more than a pawn according to Fritz.