Genkin Crushing Zilbermintz: The Philidor Gambit Refuted?

My good friend Pavel has been driving all the way out to Queens lately to do battle at Ed Frumkin’s chess club there, and sent me the following game recently in which he crushes Lev Zilbermintz in style. His comments and the game below:

I missed some easy tactics in the opening (pointed out by IM Danny Kopec in a brief post-mortem), but all in all, I am satisfied. In fact, during the game I caught myself thinking that I absolutely wouldn’t mind losing it just for the sheer fun of seeing Zilbermintz sweat, speak in tongues etc… He played most of the game very fast, but at some point (I believe, after 23. Kf2) he retreated to the bathroom for about 20 minutes.

Simon helped me tremendously with opening preparation: He sent me the guidelines for refuting the Philidor Gambit that Zilbermintz and James West play. Basically, the opening went along his analysis with only slight deviations. I can only regret that I was unable to find 11. Ngxe4 and win the game in Simon’s style.