Barke Represents BK64 in the U1500!


After a considerable amount of arm-twisting, I managed to convince the elusive Jeff Barke out of his Buschwick lair and over to the Marshall Chess Club for this weekend’s U1500 tournament. As some of you know, he is one of our web developers here at BK64 and he definitely puts the “I-T” in “HERMIT.” In any case, his published rating was just 1394, despite showing at least 1800 blitz playing strength. After a 3.5/4 performance, he took clear first and gained over 100 rating points, as well as a sizeable prize check!

In any case, these are the games from the event. In the last game, he only needed a draw in order to get clear first, so he offered his opponent a draw in a completely winning position, and avoided gaining too may more rating points I suppose. Look out for him in the upcoming U1600 cycle! Perhaps he may even throw his hat into the race to 2000 ring.

Speaking of which, our own little Cameron Hull is set to take clear first tonight in the Monday Night U1600, along with a huge prize check and a boat-load of rating points. Cam only needs a draw for clear first- fingers crossed- hopefully we’ll be posting his victory speech here tomorrow.

Below, find the games from the U1500 in which Barke consistently outplayed his opponents.