Brooklyn Blizzard Swiss!


My new Apt. on Bedford Ave. near North 10th was the site for what I hope will be an ongoing Brooklyn64 event: Friday Night Swiss Action! Despite the Blizzard whirling snow outside my window and buzzing my phone with weather alerts, we had 6 players in attendance for the friendly 4-round tournament as well as an FM hanging out in the kitchen drinking beers and laughing at our games. Hopefully, next time we will be able to convince Rawle to play instead of simply spectate, but even still we had a wide range of talent from 1394 to 2318, with only one upset in the final round, when Paul managed to draw Boris in a wild Ruy Lopez, Marshall Attack, which quieted down into a queen v. rook and minor piece ending. There were a number of interesting games that I saw played (please email me your brilliancies!) though the most interesting one that I played was the following London. Once again, I’m only looking at my loss as my wins were not all that interesting. In round 2, I had to face Alex King, though at least I had the benefit of playing with white. At one point, my computer says I’m better by a pawn, though I allowed simplification to a boring ending when I should have turned the screws a bit with 15.0-0 when Black has nearly insolvable issues related to development and piece placement. I stopped writing with 26 seconds left, when a flurry of moves led to me staring at an obviously lost queen and pawn ending. This one is a real heart-breaker.

Notwithstanding this painful loss, I still managed to crack 1800 with this tournament. Now, I only need to slog another 200 points to 2000. Hopefully, I will be able to play next Thursday in the Marshall Action. In the meantime, let’s schedule another Brooklyn64 Swiss!