Bujalski Interviewed In The New York Times


For those of you who haven’t heard, Andrew Bujalski’s “Computer Chess” is the hot mumblecore talkie of the summer. Recently, he sat down with Mekado Murphy of the New York Times to chat about his approach to cinematagraphy. The article can be found here. Shot entirely on highly modified Sony AVC-3260 video cameras that record old school glass tube video straight to a hard drive, this flic has film festival audiences mumbling all over the globe.

Perhaps my favorite part of this article is the following admission: “Before I knew I wanted to make a movie about computer chess programmers, I just had the fantasy of making a movie on the old black-and-white, analog tube cameras,” Mr. Bujalski said. Some people might say this is the nec-plus-ultra of form over content- but after reveling in retro aesthetic of the trailer that I’ve watched over and over again, I say Viva la form over content.