Bushwick Invitational!

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We had 10 entries to this week’s Brooklyn 64 Swiss event, which was a 3 round G/45 tournament held once again at the lovely residence of messieurs Boris and Michael. Though two people dropped out, we still had a rather large field for such a humble club.

Among our regulars was a newcomer- Mr. Vinh Bui- who has played close to a hundred thousand 3 minute games online, though this was only his second chess tournament ever! He did well, scoring 2.5 out of 3 and gaining some rating points along the way.

I only played 2 games, scoring 1.5 (or 2 if I give myself a half point bye). I was lucky in both instances. In my game against Paul, I found myself under attack early, though luckily he didn’t follow up correctly and I was able to escape with his sacrificed material. The move 15…Nf6 is less accurate than Qf6, because it allows White to sacrifice on f7 when the position is far from clear or easy.


My game against Cameron Hull was pretty level until it turned into a mad blitz dash at the end, with both of us down to only ten seconds and scrambling to survive. It was a draw by insufficient material, when he finally sacrificed his rook for my last pawn leaving only two kings on the vacant board. I can’t say I’m dissapointed with this outcome, given my howler of a blunder on 32 which was also made in extreme time pressure. I contemplated playing 12.Bb7 for a longtime, with the idea that after 12…Rb8 13.Bxd5 Bb2 14.Rb1 Bxb1 15.Qxb1 Bc3 16.Qd3 Bxd2 17.Nxd2 White has plenty of compensation for the exchange, in the form of better pawn structure, an extra pawn, and control over the light squares. However, I was scared away from this line by the idea of Nc5, as in the line 12.Bb7 Rb8 13.Bxd5 Nc5 When my plan was to play e4- though I couldn’t figure out whether this worked or not over the board and so I chickened out and decided to just play 12.Nh4 knocking the light square bishop off from its powerful diagonal.

In the middle game, after 10.cxd5 cxd5 I thought I would have a long term weakness to target with the IQP on d5. My engine suggests that this is not as significant a weakness as I thought.