Bushwick Swiss!


Last night in a dark corner of Bushwick, I got pretty badly mangled in our weekly Swiss event, managing only 1.5 out of 4. It was a tough group, with everyone more or less evenly matched. I was definitely feeling a bit sick (and still am…) but that was no excuse for some of my blunders. In any case, my one interesting game was the following, which I only drew though naturally the computer showed me some winning tactics that I missed, which is not too surprising given my sniffles. 23…Rfc8 would have been one obvious improvement, though not as obvious as 28…Nxc4 which I cannot believe I didn’t see.

All in all it was a pretty awesome event, with a great turnout and delicious beer as usual. If you couldn’t make it out to this one, or if you snubbed us this time (I’m lookin’ at you Rawle and Barke,) you should totes come to the next one! I’m pretty sure that Boris will leapfrog ahead of me in the race to 2000 with this event, we’ll see later today when I post it.


Actually, even though I made a lot of blunders in this game, it was still a pretty fun one to play. The evaluation swings wildly back and forth, as my opponent and I hand the game back and forth to one another like a hot potato. His sacrifice in the opening was unexpected and interesting, though I should have seen the possibility of Ng6 as a response with the idea of meeting Ne6 with Nf4 as in the parenthetical line given, which leads to a fascinating middle game where Black is only slightly better according to Houdini, but in practical terms the game would have still been up for grabs. Missing 21…Rf4 is inexcusable. Cameron spotted this move immediately when I showed him the game at Skytown later that evening. Naturally, the final blunder nail in the evening’s coffin was 24…Nd4- a move i regretted no sooner than I touched the piece.