Chess: New York City’s Trendiest Game

The geniuses over at “The Trash Lab” followed around some genuine trend setters (lol See 6:58) in their production of the following video which… I just can’t bring myself to trash as badly as I want to (it was made in a “trash lab” after all.) Basically, it’s the tried and true New York chess fluff piece- featuring a few people you will certainly recognize as well as some chess destinations you could have guessed (how come no one ever went to the “chess classic cafe” in the Clark subway station off the 2,3 train in downtown Brooklyn for one of these fluff pieces before? I used to love that place!) I wish it were so, but I’m not entirely sold on the idea that chess has become the “Trendiest” game in NYC. The Marshall Chess Club’s “Hipster in Residence” (Nathan Whipple) makes a brief appearance at 0:17, but what other “trendy” faces do we see? I guess Michael Propper says chess is pretty cool, and he does seem to know what he’s talking about. Now that I think about it, if Michael Propper says it’s cool, I guess I have to give in and accept the bitter truth that Chess has in fact become “trendy.”