February Marshall U2300


The Marshall U2300 wrapped up this weekend, rounding out the February calendar at least as far as weekends are concerned. The usual suspects showed up to do battle in this popular swiss event, among them our president and possibly one of the most active board members (behind only Ed Frumkin and Paul Rachlin.) He put together another interesting win from the White side of the Smith-Morra gambit. Those of you who read this blog regularly will remember this swashbuckling victory as well, which ended with a similar mating pattern. If I’ve learned one thing from these Smith Morra games it’s that should I find myself paired against Stuart Chagrin, I won’t be playing 1…c5.

It was awfully cold at the Marshall all month, what with the blizzard blizzarding and the wintry mix that makes nyc so lovely this time of year. But luckily, the breakout teenbeat sensation “Alex King” stopped by the office to warm things up a bit by serenading me with that maple-syrup-sweet, southern tenor of his… Ladies, can you refuse this face? [Hint: Lades- the question is rhetorical.]

If you see this prodigy busking on the L train, make sure to stop and ask him to perform his heartfelt rendition of Madona’s “Borderline.” Trust me on this… it’s one of those covers that is better than the original.

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