Kombucha Quad!

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I managed to win a friendly quad in Bushwick this evening with 2 out of 3 points, though I only gained 2 rating points for my effort. Below are my games. I have to say my loss to Eric Chang hurts. …Nxg3 is an unnecessary sacrifice in a position where nearly any other move would likely win. However, I played well against my other two opponents, fending off an attack by Whipple that scared me pretty badly though my computer showed his sacrifice to be unsound as well.

Before doing battle, our host offered us some of his homemade pickles and Kombucha- next time I will be taking him up on it. My game against him was pretty straightforward and I managed to win without taking too much risk.


Homemade Kombucha! I’m totes going to try it and see if i can get a piece of the mother next time too.


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